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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

War and Society, M.A.

Admission Deadline

Rolling for Fall and Spring. Preferred Scholarship Deadline is February 1 for Fall semester admission.

Admission to the program

Admission to the program may be achieved by the completion of the following requirements:

  1. Official transcripts must be submitted from ALL degree-granting (bachelor’s or master’s degrees) colleges and universities attended. An official transcript submitted in a sealed envelope which you have received from your college or university is acceptable.
  2. A graduate admission test is required for applicants with a bachelor’s degree cumulative GPA below a 3.0. Applicants with a GPA between 2.5 and 2.99, may be considered for admission by submitting a satisfactory Graduate Record Examination (GRE) with minimum scores of Verbal: 150, Quantitative: 145, and Analytical Writing: 4.0 or by demonstrating significant relevant professional experience.
  3. An essay expressing your reasons for wanting to join the particular academic program to which you are applying. What are your personal and career goals, and how will this particular degree from Chapman University help you reach those goals? Your essay should be double spaced, size 12 font, and 1-2 pages in length.
  4. A writing sample of 1200 words that demonstrates competency in scholarly writing.
  5. Two letters of recommendation that speak to academic preparation and aptitude for graduate study.
  6. Resume.

For admission requirements to the Accelerated Undergraduate/M.A. in War and Society see the admission information below.

Requirements for the Master of Arts in War and Society degree

Students enrolled in the Accelerated BA/MA in War and Society may complete up to 15 credits of the required graduate coursework in their senior year. Up to 15 credits that satisfy the undergraduate major or the 120 credits required for the bachelor degree may also double count towards the requirements of the graduate program. Students must maintain a 3.000 GPA after completing 15 credits of the program to continue.

Students pursuing the Master of Arts in War and Society degree are held to the University’s Academic Policies and Procedures . In addition these specific degree standards apply:

  • Minimum grade “C+” or above required in all coursework.
  • Maintain 3.000 GPA in the degree.
  • Complete 33 credits as listed below.
  • Complete thesis requirement HIST 698 .
Continuous enrollment requirement
Continuous enrollment is required throughout the master’s program. Students who have not yet successfully defended their thesis and are not enrolled in any other courses must register for HIST 698A  or HIST 698B  for a minimum of one credit each term to fulfill the continuous enrollment requirement. The maximum time allowed for completion of the master’s degree is seven years.

The following courses make up the Master of Arts in War and Society degree curriculum:

core courses (9 credits)

specialized content courses

total credits 33

*HIST 596 - Advanced Research Thesis I  and HIST 598 - Advanced Research Thesis II  are only open to admitted Accelerated M.A. War and Society/B.A. History seniors.