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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Communication

Michael Andrew Moshier, Ph.D., Interim Dean
Sara LaBelle, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Academic Programs and Faculty Development
Andrea Weber, Ed.D., Assistant Dean of Advising and Student Life
Professors: Bevan, Hopson, Jia, Miller-Day, Sparks, Weber, K.;
Associate Professors: LaBelle, Lee, Tukachinsky;
Instructional Associate Professor: Weber, A.;
Assistant Professors: Ball, Janicke-Bowles, Vendemia;
Instructional Assistant Professors: Bejerano, Maeda;
Instructors: Bartosh, Calle, Nichols, Rogeness, Ross;
Presidential Fellow: Kotkin.

The Master of Science in Health and Strategic Communication graduate program aims to foster an understanding of the behavioral, psychological and social bases of health and requires students to engage in individual scholarship or team research of an interdisciplinary nature. The M.S. in Health and Strategic Communication can be completed in two years or as a one-year accelerated program.

The Ph.D. in Communication graduate program is grounded in communication theory and both quantitative and qualitative approaches to research design. After completing all coursework and dissertation work, students will be prepared to teach and conduct research, enabling them to pursue a tenure-track position in academia or a research position outside of the discipline.


Doctor of Philosophy

Master of Science

Accelerated Program


Communication Studies

Health Communication