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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Composition, Electroacoustic Music Emphasis, B.M.

The Music Composition program is intended for highly motivated undergraduate students wanting to pursue composition in either the concert music or electroacoustic music genres. The preparational emphasis is on technique, the broadening of the student’s musical horizons, and the development of each student’s individual artistic voice. The program also includes a strong music academic component, as well as the general education required of all undergraduate students at Chapman. Admittance to the composition major is based on evaluation of compositional skill and potential at the end of the fourth semester of study. Students admitted into this major must demonstrate an acceptable level of performance proficiency on a major instrument/voice. We aspire for students to achieve an exceptional level of proficiency in composition and to be highly prepared for further studies at top-tier graduate institutions and other training programs in related music composition genres.

General education requirements for the Bachelor of Music in Composition

Three credits of language are required at or above the 200-level to satisfy the language study component of the Global Citizens Cluster General Education requirement. Those seeking the B.M. in Composition are restricted to French, German, or Italian language to satisfy this requirement.

Additional degree information

Specific transfer requirements, proficiency requirements, applied music policies, minimum grade policy, retake course policy, are listed at General Information for all Music Programs . Requirements for lessons and studio classes are listed at Applied Music Courses .

The B.M. in Composition may be combined with B.M. Performance (all emphases) and the B.M. (Pre-Music Education Certification) (both emphases) in a double major that satisfies the GE requirement for an interdisciplinary cluster, minor, or second major. The B.M. in Composition cannot be combined with any of the minors in music.

Program Learning Outcomes and Educational Effectiveness Evaluation Plans for B.M. in Music Composition.

Students pursuing the B.M. in Composition are required to:

  • Demonstrate the following proficiency requirements
    º​ Music Theory Proficiency Requirement
    º​ Sight Singing Proficiency Requirement (if voice is primary instrument)
    º​ Piano Proficiency Requirement
  • Take jury exams at the end of each semester of applied lessons.
  • Earn an overall GPA of 3.000 for all required major courses.
  • Complete all courses in the major, including applied lessons, for a letter grade. The only exceptions are information literacy classes, recitals, and studio classes (if taken).
  • Pass all required courses for the B.M. in Composition with a minimum grade of “B”.
  • Complete a minimum of 38 credits from upper-division courses in the concert music or electroacoustic music emphasis.
  • Complete the senior capstone requirements MUS 498A  Senior Recital in Composition - Full Solo Program.

general requirements (65-71 credits)

total credits (students with piano as major instrument) 72-73

total credits 78-79

*May be fulfilled by passing Music Theory Placement Exam