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Humanomics, Minor

minor requirements

The Humanomics Minor is broadly organized by three questions: 

  • What makes a rich nation rich? 
  • What makes a good person good? 
  • What do these questions have to do with one another?

The Socratic Dialogue in the required core courses provides students with an opportunity to personalize their inquiry of these three question by analyzing and synthesizing texts from the concurrent reading of three disciplines and by prodcucing original interdisciplinary texts. Electives enable students to study a variety of supporting topics to gain expertise in the synthesis of ecomomics and humanities. 

  • Economics, English, or Philosophy majors must complete 12 credits from the list of elective courses that are outside of their major or major’s primary discipline. This includes Individual Studies (299/499) and Student-Faculty Research/Creative Activity (291/491).
  • Business Administration majors must complete 12 credits from the list of elective courses excluding ECON 200, ECON 201, and ECON 374.
  • Accounting majors must complete 12 credits from the list of elective courses excluding ECON 200 and ECON 201.
  • For questions, students should contact the Associate Dean, Academic Programs, Argyros  School of Business and Economics.

Students pursuing a Minor in Humanomics are required to:

  • Ensure that 12 credits taken in the minor do not duplicate courses taken in the major or minor(s)
  • Complete a minimum of 12 upper-division credits
  • Complete 6 upper division credits in residency at Chapman
  • Maintain a 2.000 cumulative and 2.000 GPA for all upper division coursework

core courses (9 credits)

courses may be repeated for credit if the topic is different

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ECON 357 - Topics in Humanomics 3 credits
ENG 357 - Topics in Humanomics 3 credits
PHIL 357 - Topics in Humanomics 3 credits

elective courses (12 credits)

3 credits must be upper-division

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
PHIL 104 - Introduction to Ethics 3 credits
ECON 200 - Principles of Microeconomics 3 credits
ECON 201 - Principles of Macroeconomics 3 credits
ENG 270 - Foundations of Rhetorical Studies 3 credits
PHIL 318 - Political and Legal Philosophy 3 credits
PHIL 327 - Global Justice 3 credits
ENG 372 - Language and Ideology 3 credits
ECON 374 - European Economic History 3 credits
ENG 446 - Topics in Rhetoric 3 credits
  • up to six credits total of approved Individual Study or Student‐Faculty Research/Creative Activity; ECON/ENG/PHIL 299/499 and ECON/ENG/PHIL 291/491. 
  • total credits 21