Dec 08, 2023  
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PHRM 515 - Co-Curricular Program Year 1

Prerequisites, PHRM 501 PHRM 511 PHRM 531 PHRM 592 PHRM 622 PHRM 622L PHRM 631 PHRM 641 . PHRM 515 is one of a 3-part series of required university courses for health professional students to be offered in the first academic year. This course series will enhance student pharmacist learning and practice readiness. Co-curricular activities have been defined as activities, programs, and experiences that complement what students learn in the classroom. Students will apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to experiences in the community. Students may complete requirements at their own pace throughout the academic year but must submit all work by the end of the academic year. Students must successfully complete all requirements, as outlined in the CUSP student handbook, to successfully progress through the Doctor of Pharmacy program. P/NP. (Offered summer trimester.) 0 credit