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2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDUC 542 - Teaching and Learning in the Culturally Diverse Classroom III

Prerequisite, EDUC 541 . Corequisite, EDUC 582 . This course serves as the culminating class to accompany the student teaching experience. The course supports candidates in their planning and delivery of instruction and constructivism; using diverse models of teaching; implementing interdisciplinary curriculum development; application and reflection of planning and delivering a thematic unit as well as content lessons in specific disciplines addressing the California Academic Content Standards. The course requires students to write and modify plans for English learners and students with special needs. It prepares students to address the tasks outlined in the Teacher Performance Assessments 3 and 4. Some sections of this course may be taught with EDUC 525 . (Offered every semester.) 3 credits