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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Schmid College of Science and Technology

Michael Ibba, Ph.D., Dean
Christopher Kim, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Academic Programs
Elaine Benaksas Schwartz, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of External Relations

Professors: Aharanov, Alpay, Caporaso, de Bruyn, El-Askary, Funk, Gulian, Ibba, Jipsen, Kafatos, Keller, Kim, C., Moshier, Piper, Prakash, Sebbar, Singh, Tollaksen, Verkhivker, Were, Yang;
Associate Professors: Bisoffi, Bostean, Buniy, Dressel, Fudge, Hellberg, Ouzounov, Rakovski, Vajiac, A., Vajiac, M., Wright;
Instructional Associate Professors: Gartner, Rowland-Goldsmith, Schwartz;
Assistant Professors: Atamian, Castro Lopes, Durcik, Goldsmith, Kim, S., LaRue, Leifer, Liberman-Martin, Miklavcic, Ogba, Owens, Waldrop; 
Instructional Assistant Professors: Ahsan, Bailey, Bonne, Chang, Dunham, Evans, Goetz, Gray, Hsu, John, Lopez Najera, O’Neill, Sherff, Toto Pacioles, Villoria, Waegell, Zalman;
Instructors: Dudley, Hill.

The Schmid College of Science and Technology prepares students for the complex world of the twenty-first century by challenging students to think critically, engage in research and become involved in outreach through clubs, internships, and volunteer work. The college offers traditional and interdisciplinary degrees and programs designed for students who aspire to become tomorrow’s scientists and leaders in science and technology. The Schmid College of Science and Technology invites you to join our dynamic community of scholar-teachers and students.

Grand Challenges Initiative
Students pursuing any B.S. degree in the college must 1) satisfy their First-Year Foundations Course (FFC) requirement by enrolling in a Grand Challenges Initiative FFC section; and 2) enroll in and pass 3 (ideally consecutive) 1-credit Grand Challenges Initiative seminars. Students who enter Schmid College after their first year either by transfer or change of major must seek advising from the Grand Challenges Initiative Program Director to design an individual plan for program participation.

GPA and grade option requirements
Students pursuing any degree in the college must maintain a 2.000 grade point average in the major. All courses in the major must be taken for a letter grade except for those that may only be taken or that have a default grading option of P/NP.

Degree Program Honors
Students must have a major GPA of 3.500 or higher by the conclusion of the term prior to graduation and must have completed a minimum of 120 hours of independent research. Completion of independent research includes the completion of a scientific paper in the relevant scientific field, oral presentation to the faculty, poster presentation at the Student Scholar Symposium and a vote by the appropriate faculty group that the research, paper and presentation were of sufficient quality to merit honors. Additional degree program honor requirements, if they exist, are listed under the degree program description.


Bachelor of Science


Accelerated Program





Environmental Science

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