Jun 12, 2024  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Message from the President

Dear Student:

Congratulations, and welcome to Chapman University! You are now a member of a wonderful family of scholars eager to provide the guidance and resources you need to succeed on the journey ahead. Every experience can provide a pathway for learning. Regardless of difficult circumstances, Chapman faculty members are committed to the perpetual improvement of our teaching and the enrichment of our students’ learning. How we adapt to meet the pressing challenges of our time is an important measure of our success as educators and learners.

When faced with a pandemic’s adversity, our faculty discovered new ways to create and improve learning resources and access. For this reason, we have been devoting significant resources to help faculty take the lessons of the pandemic as a stimulus for further enriching the return to face-to-face experiences. The collective experience has underscored the value of faculty presence in the classroom, and the importance of education.

When I became president of Chapman, I addressed at my inauguration the importance of learning. I referenced my favorite painting, Raphael’s epic fresco “The School of Athens,” as an allegory for education. (The image of Raphael’s painting The School of Athens is courtesy of Getty Images.) Raphael's painting The School of Athens

The painting shows a gathering of the great classical minds of philosophy, representing the diversity of thought that builds upon generations of examination. For me, the painting distills and illuminates the potential energy of an education. During my speech, I focused on the figure of Averroes, an Islamic scholar from Cordoba who, in the 12th century, created an enduring bridge between the Greek and Islamic cultures. I chose this particular figure because I believe that our thirst for knowledge and our quest for understanding bring us all together. In fact, these pursuits are the most powerful instruments we have to connect us as people, no matter the circumstance.

This catalog of courses is a guide to help you build your own bridges of knowledge and understanding along your academic voyage at Chapman. Don’t hesitate to take classes that offer something new, different or unfamiliar to your perceived path. Accepting the challenge of meeting new concepts is the essence of learning.

At Chapman, we want to prepare you not just to earn a living but to achieve the many rewards of a well-rounded life.

On behalf of the entire Chapman University faculty, please accept my best wishes. Let the journey begin.

Daniele C. Struppa