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2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences

Janeen Hill, Ph.D., Dean
Laura Glynn, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research
Ky Kugler, Ed.D., Associate Dean of Undergraduate Student Affairs
Lynn Tierney, DPT, Associate Dean of Clinical and Instructional Faculty
Michael Burney, Ed.D., Chair, Department of Physician Assistant Studies
Emmanuel John, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Physical Therapy
Naveen Jonathan, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Marriage and Family Therapy
Mary Kennedy, Chair, Ph.D., Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Professors: Frisch, Glynn, Hill, Kennedy, McKenzie, Peterson, Pincus, Raz, Redding, Schandler, Sumida;
Clinical Professors: Babaknia, Kugler, Tierney;
Associate Professors: Brechter, Brodbeck, Cleary, Duff, Frederick, Grant-Beuttler, Gruenwald, John;
Clinical Associate Professors: Boulware, Burney, Jonathan, Requero, Walsh;
Instructional Associate Professors: Mosconi, Sternlicht, Wilson;
Assistant Professors: Berardi, Boehm, Douglas, Fagan, Hughes, Ignasiak, Jenkins, Maoz, Moors, Robinette, Schurger, Sheppard, Smith, Soangra;
Clinical Assistant Professors: Beekman, Belinsky, Brown, Grumet, Ito, LaChance, Lal, Lesnick, Marquez, Puri, Saldivar, Seitz, Snee, Vogel, Willett;
Instructional Assistant Professors: Dana, Murali, Richards, Walker.

The Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences offers high demand, high quality graduate programs in physical therapy, marriage and family therapy, communication sciences and disorders and physician assistant studies. These programs prepare tomorrow’s healthcare professional to work as members of inter-professional teams, to incorporate technology in practice, to emphasize a bio-psycho-social perspective to understand health and disease and to inform professional practice with cutting-edge science. All programs in Crean College are distinguished by their commitment to engage graduate students in faculty-mentored student research, internships, problem-centered learning and clinical experiences.


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Master of Arts

Master of Medical Science

Master of Science

Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy


Athletic Training

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Marriage and Family Therapy

Physical Therapy

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